Wrongful Death Lawsuits

We have deep experience in matters brought under the Massachusetts wrongful death statute and have secured numerous million dollar plus and high six figure verdicts and settlements on behalf of the estates of persons killed as the result of restaurants serving intoxicated individuals, the negligence of landlords in apartment fires and on behalf of the estates of persons killed in motor vehicle accidents.  Here is a sampling.


  • Confidential wrongful death settlement in action against apartment management company and owner arising out of the rape and murder of Rosanna Camilo in a Boston apartment complex.  Case settled on confidential terms after two weeks of trial and while jury was deliberating for second day.  In closing arguments the jurors were asked to award nearly $30 million in damages to surviving husband and children.

  • Confidential settlement in action against apartment building landlord on behalf of Boston University student Binland Lee who died in a Boston apartment fire.

  • Multi million dollar wrongful death settlement in dram shop action against national restaurant chain

  • Confidential settlement of a wrongful death action against the owner of a multi-family apartment complex and the MBTA on behalf of a 13 year old girl trespassing on railroad tracks in Lawrence, MA.

  • $1.3 million settlement in action where baby died in Boston fire.

  • Confidential settlement of wrongful death action on behalf of the estate of a 65 year old man killed while riding as passenger in an automobile in Fall River, MA.

  • $1,125,000 jury verdict for death of 78 year-old pedestrian killed by automobile.

  • $662,500 settlement in an action in Federal Court in Puerto Rico on behalf of the estate of a man killed by a dump truck.

  • $650,000 wrongful death recovery against driver of tractor-trailer despite that operator of the automobile in which client was riding pleaded guilty to speeding and lost his driver’s license.

  • Confidential settlement for estate of an 80-year-old man killed as he rode his bicycle in Boston.

  • Confidential six figure settlement against automobile repair shop in wrongful death action for negligent repair of brakes on an automobile that struck and killed a pedestrian.

  • Substantial six-figure confidential settlement in action where bus killed passenger in an oncoming automobile.

  • Substantial, six figure confidential settlement on behalf of the estate of a 17-year old girl in a in wrongful death dram shop action against a Haverhill, MA establishment.

  • Confidential six figure settlements on behalf of the estates of persons who died in two separate fires in Lawrence, MA. Both cases settled during trial.

  • $1 million settlement for survivors of a 66-year-old pedestrian killed while crossing the street.

  • The firm represented the estate of a gas station employee murdered during a robbery. The allegation was that the owner of the gas station failed to adequately protect this employee against the foreseeable consequences of working alone late at night in a high crime urban area. The case settled on confidential terms during trial.

  • Substantial, six figure confidential settlement on behalf of the estate of a 21-year old man in a wrongful death dram shop action against establishments in Boston, Revere and Chelsea, Massachusetts.

  • The firm achieved a substantial, six figure confidential settlement on behalf of the estate of a 75 year old woman killed by an automobile in Quincy, MA.

  • Six figure settlement of action against overnight boys camp located on island in New Hampshire  lake for failing to provide adequate rescue facilities to camper who suffered asthma attack and could not be brought in time to hospital and died.



Pending Wrongful Death Actions

The firm currently represents:

  •  the estate of a wife and mother who died after undergoing a stress test two days after triple bypass surgery in an action against her cardiologist and the hospital at which she was a patient;

  • the estate of a women who died while a patient at Massachusetts nursing home;

  • the estate of a 20 year old man killed in a construction site accident;

  • the estate of an 89 year old women who died in a fall in her East Boston apartment building. 

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