Personal Injury Litigation


If you have sustained an injury or lost a loved one due to the negligence of another individual or business, you must retain an experienced attorney to obtain the compensation you deserve. The emotional, physical and financial challenges of such an injury or death are extreme, and it is essential that an experienced, trial ready team of legal professionals advocate for you.


We have represented numerous individuals who have been injured or killed in:


  • Automobile and truck accidents 

  • Bus and train accidents 

  • Building and apartment fires 

  • Construction accidents

  • Premises liability events, incuding murders 

  • Dram shop accidents


Drawing on over 60 years of experience, our personal injury attorneys are dedicated to offering personalized, compassionate services. We have settled and litigated dozens of cases, and obtained many favorable results for our clients.

Wrongful Death Actions


The Firm has achieved numerous successful outcomes in wrongful death actions, including:


  • a multimillion dollar dram shop settlement against a national restaurant chain that over-served alcoholic beverages to a customer who then killed two people in a motor vehicle accident.

  • a $1.3 million settlement in connection with the death of a baby who died in a Dorchester, MA apartment building fire.

  • a $1,125,000 verdict on behalf of the estate of a 78-year-old pedestrian who was killed by the operator of a leased motor vehicle. 

  • a $1 million settlement for the survivors of the 66-year-old pedestrian killed while crossing the street in Malden, Massachusetts.

  • confidential seven figure plus settlements for estates of persons killed as the result of the negligence of others


Click here for more information about our representation of estates in Wrongful Death actions.


Premises Liability Actions


Premises liability refers to a range of personal injury lawsuits that share a common theme, namely that the owner or a person in control of real property failed to adequately protect persons on the premises.  Example of premises liability lawsuits are those invloving building fires, criminal activities taking place in appartment and commercial buildings as well as cases where people slip and fall on snow and ice.  The firm has over twenty five years experience representing individuals injured and the estates of persons dying in apartment fires, gas station robberies and apartment building murders, as well as in the more traditional slip and fall actions.


Click here for more information about our representation of persons injured and the estates of persons killed in Premises Liability actions.


Motor Vehicle Accidents


We have years of experience successfully representing clients injured or killed in with automobile, bus and tractor trailer accidents.


Clic here for more information about our representation of persons injured or killed in Motor Vehicle accidents.

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